Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Gigabit Ethernet Switches

Published by Admin on 14th Sep 2021

Eight of the HPE 1910 Series switches employ Gigabit Ethernet technology and the other five employ Fast Ethernet Technology. Ethernet is a link-layer protocol that controls the movement of data throughout a network. Layer 1 is the physical layer of connections in the network, and the Data-Link layer is Layer 2 in the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI), which is for telecommunications protocols. The OSI is a reference model for how applications can communicate over a network, but OSI is an unusual model, as most modern products are smart-managed, and internet protocols do not cleanly match the OSI reference model. The Ethernet protocol includes both packet and frame units of transmission. The frame is the data being transmitted,the sender and receiver information, or MAC addresses (Media Access Control),andVLAN tagging (quality control of transmission). Each frame is wrapped in a packet, which makes the connection and marks where the frame starts.

This switch series features Simple Web and IP Management, which ease use of the switch and simplifies the addition of more switches to the network. It can also monitor usage and provide logs of any problems and necessary troubleshooting, secures data movement using configurations restrictions and multilevel passwords. The 1910 series offers models that are non-PoE, PoE, or PoE+.

PoE is Power over Ethernet, which manages allocation of power and data over an Ethernet cable to another device or network. PoE allows you to transfer data and power in greater quantities and greater distances than a traditional USB. PoE has a maximum wattage of 15.4 Wdc. With growing network systems in evolving industries, it becomes necessary to distribute more power and use the upgraded PoE+, with a maximum wattage of 25.5 Wdc. PoE and PoE+ switches save users money by being easy to install yourself, greater reliability, and they conserve energy. They are easy to use and monitor.

The 1910 switches offer Layer 3 routing, and smart-management upgrades your network reliability and security. Included with Hewlett-Packard switches is a unique and unbeatable Lifetime 99 Year warranty, reducing cost of ownership, and keeps managing the network headache-free.The models in the series have 8, 16, 24, and 48 port options, PoE or PoE+ availability, all with virtually unbeatable value.