HP Z440 Workstations

HP Z440 Workstations

Customization is the future of our technology, and it is here. The HP Z Series Desktop Minitowers are designed to give users everything they want and more. The Z440 segment is now sleeker and more compact than its predecessor, featuring a slim 7-inch wide design, Intel Xeon E5 v3 processor series, upgraded to DDR4 memory, HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe storage, and Thunderbolt 2, all of which we will get into. The Z Series also makes it possible to access interior components without the use of tools. The new design simplifies expansion, upgrades, and workstation scalability, with the exception of the Z440's requiring rewiring in order to upgrade Power Supply Units, but workstation configurations include either an entry 85% efficiency 525W PSU or a high end 90% efficiency 700W PSU, ideal for up to 225w of graphics.

The Z440 workstations are single processor socket (1S) machines, optimizing efficiency to make the most of space and time. The Intel Xeon E5-1600v3 series is employed to maximize performance and multitasking complex applications. The Intel QuickData Technology is used to advance customizability through increasing the server data traffic abilities across many configurations for more scalability and reliability. These processors also feature Intel's Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O, or Intel VT-d. This is an enabler, promoter, and protector of Virtualization software, to smooth processes and offer strengthened solutions.

The HP Z Turbo Drive PCIe storage is what really sets the Z440 workstation apart from its predecessors. This addition features a PCIe connected Solid State Drive, allowing higher performance and speed. The read/write performance is approximately double the speed of current SATA SSDs. The Z Turbo Drive is uniquely designed for the Z Workstations for unparalleled value, with performance levels greater than 1GB/s and highest price/performance ratio for client SSDs. It pairs seamlessly with the Thunderbolt 2 PCIe card, which significantly advances your data transfer rate, utilized to decrease latency and increase accuracy of time synchronization, allowing for higher performance and reliability of audio and video creation, playback, and editing, as well as better file sharing.

Graphics standards are evolving, and visual abilities of workstations need to evolve with them. The Z440 workstation supports a wide range of graphics abilities with various GPU option parts, with up to two graphics cards for highest performance (which would also require the high end 700W PSU). Configurations could include NVidia's Quadro series, from 1GB to 12GB, or their NVS series at 2GB. Another option would be AMD FirePro W2100 2GB.

All of these components add up to a virtually endlessly customization for a seamless and efficient machine to adapt to your multitasking needs. HP's commitment to usability has again been thrown into the spotlight with the Z440 series, with an unwillingness to compromise quality for affordability, and instead devoting themselves to find a way to make both a priority. This workstation series is the cutting edge of user-friendly upgrading and scalability, and is the first choice in single processor workstations.

3rd May 2016 Mackenzie Wipf

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