223180-B21 | HPCompaq StorageWorks RAID Array 4000 Fibre Channel Host Adapter Kit/

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The Compaq StorageWorks RAID Array 4000, formerly the Fibre Channel Storage System, builds on Compaq’s successful Smart Array product line by moving the RAID controller into the external drive enclosure and adding a 100 MB/s Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) host to storage interface. The result is an external storage system that is ideal for ProLiant Clusters, databases, data marts, web servers, server consolidation, e-mail and other applications that require scalability and bandwidth for growing storage needs. The RA4000 is the storage subsystem used in Compaq’s entry level FCAL Clustering product, the ProLiant Cluster HA/F200, providing industry-leading price/performance. The RA4000 Redundant Controller can be added to existing RA4000 and Fibre Channel Arrays.

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