A7388A | HPE Storageworks/Emulex 2GB 64-bit/133 MHz Single Port I-X to Fibre Host Bus Adapter for Windows

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The HP StorageWorks 2 Gb, 64-bit/133 MHz PCI-X-to-Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapter (HBA) with optical small form factor (LC) interface.
The enterprise host bus adapter (HBAs) certified to ensure maximum 4Gb performance.
SAN connectivity solutions that deliver unmatched: performance, reliability, interoperability, ease of use.

Product Specs

Item features

  • Automatic speed negotiation capability which allows compatibility with existing 1 Gb Fibre Channel SANs
  • Provides the flexibility and broad interoperability needed for complex, highly scalable SANs
  • 64-bit PCI data and addressing
  • Up to 400 MB/s Fibre Channel Data Transfer Rates in full Duplex
  • Backwards compatible with 1 Gb devices
  • Full support for both FC service Class 2 and 3
  • Support FC-Tape devices

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