HP Insight Cluster Management Utility Media BD477A

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HP Insight Cluster Management Utility (HP Insight CMU) is an efficient and robust hyperscale lifecycle management framework and suite of tools for large clusters such as those found in High Performance Computing (HPC), big data, and high throughput singleapplication environments. HP Insight CMU is optimized for the performance management of hyperscale systems, providing multiple ways of quickly identifying and addressing intra-node anomalies of configuration, resource utilization and physical environment. In addition, the user interface minimizes the number of mouse-clicks and keystrokes - and also minimizes interfaceresponse-time - for performing single operations on user-selectable collections of nodes. A simple graphical interface enables an 'at-a-glance' view of the entire cluster across multiple metrics, provides scalable remote management and analysis, and allows rapid software provisioning to all the system nodes. In summary, HP Insight CMU makes cluster management more hyperscalecentric, efficient, and error free than management by scripts, or enterprise tools optimized for single-server analysis and customization. HP Insight CMU offers full support for iLO2, iLO3, iLO4 and LO100i adaptors and IPMI on all the servers and cartridges in any cluster consisting of HP ProLiant servers as well as HP Moonshot cartridges.

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