HPE StoreEasy 1440 16TB SATA Storage (4 x 4TB 6G 7.2K RPM SATA LFF HDDs)

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  • E7W74A-HP StoreEasy 1440 16TB SATA Storage front right angle
  • E7W74A-HP StoreEasy 1440 16TB SATA Storage front facing

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Your business deals with many challenges but why does storage need to be one of them? With HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage you get a new breed of optimized, efficient, secure and highly available storage to easily address file and application storage. For small to medium business, branch office, and workgroup environments you can easily and economically support large numbers of users and store growing volumes of files such as documents, images, audio files, and videos. It also has non-intrusive data de-duplication that provides an average 50-60% in space savings. It provides security through features such as built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, online snapshots, and the ability to run endpoint protection and backup software onboard so that data is protected at rest and in flight. Built on Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 or 2012 R2, depending on model, you can provide users with a highly available solution so that their data is ready when they need it.

All StoreEasy products capacity can be expanded externally with the StoreEasy 12 LFF and StoreEasy 25 SFF Disk Enclosures or HP D3000 Disk Enclosures; StoreEasy 1640 and StoreEasy 1840 can also be expanded with HP D6000 Disk Enclosures.


What's New

  • Brand new models - StoreEasy 1440, 1540, 1640 and 1840 Storage
  • All 1X40 models run Windows Storage Server 2012 R2, Standard Edition

What's in the box

HP StoreEasy 1440 Storage with Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 Standard Edition pre-installed, (4) x 4 TB 6G 7.2K RPM LFF SATA MDL HDD, single 460W power supply, rack-compatible power cord, documentation kit, StoreEasy 1440 Restore kit, iLO Advanced License.

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