HPE ProCurve X121 1G SFP LC LX Transceiver -J4859C

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Ports 1 LC 1Base-LX port(IEEE 82.3z Type 1Base-LX), Duplex: full only
Cabling distance (maximum) 2-55 m (multimode 62.5 µm core diameter, 5 MHz*km bandwidth), 2-55 m (multimode 5 µm core diameter, 4 MHz*km bandwidth), 2-55 m (multimode 5 µm core diameter, 5 MHz*km bandwidth), 2-1, m (single-mode fiber)
Application/Usage Data Networking
Interfaces/Ports 1 x 1Base-LX
Interfaces/Ports Details 1 x LC 1Base-LX
Connectivity Media " 5/125 µm Single-mode Fiber
62.5/125 µm Multi-mode Fiber"
Data Transfer Rate 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet Full-duplex
Product dimensions 2.24 x .54 x .486 in.
Compatibility HP 618 Switch
HP 62 switch
HP 141 switch
HP 17 Switch
HP 18 Switch
HP 251 Switch
HP 252 PoE Switch
HP 261 PoE Switch
HP 2615-8-PoE Switch
HP 2626 Switch
HP 265 Switch
HP 281 Switch
HP 291 al Switch
HP 35 Switch
HP 422-72 vl Switch
HP 428 vl Switch Chassis
HP 538xl Switch
HP 5412 zl Switch
HP E34 cl Switch
HP V14 Switch
HP 181 Switch
HP 195 Switch
HP 253 Switch
HP 262 Switch
HP 38 Switch
HP 546 zl Switch
HP 5412 zl Switch
HP 826 zl Switch
HP 8212 zl Switch
HP MSM72 Controller

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