HPE 620 Redundant/External Power Supply -J8696A

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Form Factor 1U height
Input Frequency 5 / 6 Hz
Input Operating Current 16 / 8 A
Input Voltage 1-127 / 2-24 VAC
Management features Unmanaged power supply; provides information via LEDs (LEDs repeated on front and back panel) or through port interfaces of attached devices
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime, advance replacement, next business day
Output power 144 W (maximum)
Product dimensions (W x D x H) 15.4 x 17.4 x 1.73 in.
Technical Notes The ProCurve 62 supports the HP ProCurve Switch 29 Series (RPS) and 35yl Series (RPS/PoE), as well as 62yl (RPS) switches. The HP ProCurve Switch 54zl Series is not supported.The ProCurve 62 includes four 2 m RPS/EPS cables. These cables can be used to carry either RPS or PoE power to the switch being powered.
Warranty Lifetime, advance replacement, next business day
Weight ( Imperial ) 15.2 lb.
Weight ( Metric ) 6.89 kg

Extended Specifications

Power Description

Input Voltage
  • 127 V AC
  • 24 V AC
Input Voltage Range
  • 1 V AC to 127 V AC
  • 2 V AC to 24 V AC
Frequency 5 Hz 6 Hz
Output Power 2 W

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