HPE ProCurve Redundant Wireless Edge Services zl Module

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Working in conjunction with ProCurve radio ports, the ProCurve Wireless Edge Services zl Module provides centralized wireless LAN configuration and management of advanced wireless services, enabling a resilient, highly secure, mobile multi-service network. With the addition of the module, the ProCurve Switch 5400zl series and Switch 8212zl enable network administrators to centrally manage a unified wired and wireless network using the complete ProCurve Manager networking management suite. This centralized approach to wired and wireless management streamlines device configuration. It enables network monitoring and response to wired and wireless network threats and administration of security and role-based user policies that are enforced at the edge of the network, regardless of how or where the user connects.

Manufacturer part number J9052A
Spare number J9052-69001
Description ProCurve Switch zl Redundant Wireless Edge Services Module - Automatically adopts ProCurve radio ports if the primary Wireless Edge Services zl Module (J9051A) is unavailable or fails
Dimensions 10.3(d) x 8.13(w) x 1.75(h) in
Weight 2.05 lb. (0.93 kg)

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