HPE X130 10G XFP LC LR Single Mode 10km 1310nm Transceiver

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Product Type XFP
Application/Usage Data Networking
Ports 1 x 1GBase-LR
Connectivity Media Fiber 1GBase-LR
Data Transfer Rate 1 Gbps Gigabit Ethernet
Compatibility HP 662 Router Chassis
HP 664 Router Chassis
HP 668 Router
HP 668 Router Chassis
HP 6616 Router Chassis
HP 882 Router Chassis
HP 885 Router Chassis
HP 888 Router Chassis
HP 8812 Router Chassis
HP A-MSR2 Multi-service Router
HP MSR3 Router
HP MSR5 Router
HP 154 Switch Chassis
HP 158 Switch Chassis
HP 1512 Switch Chassis
HP 125 CTO Built Switch
HP 1254 Switch Chassis
HP 12518 Switch Chassis
HP 19-8G Switch
HP 195 Switch
HP 191 Switch
HP 31 Switch
HP 36 Switch
HP 361 Switch
HP 421 Switch
HP 512 switch
HP 55 Switch
HP 58 Switch
HP 582 Switch
HP 752 Switch Chassis
HP 753 Switch Chassis
HP 756 Switch
HP 751 Switch Chassis
HP 955 Switch Chassis
HP 958-V Switch Chassis
HP A512 Switch
HP E55 Switch
HP 3 Wireless Switch

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