P01366-B21 | HPE 96W Smart Storage Battery (up to 20 Devices) with 145mm Cable Kit

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The HPE Smart Storage Battery is a lithium-ion, low-halogen centralized backup source and is required to backup the write cache content onto flash memory on the HPE Smart Array Gen10 and Gen9 performance RAID (P-class) controllers in case of an unplanned server power loss.The battery is also the backup power source for HPE NVDIMMS and allows any data in flight on the DRAM to be moved to the non-volatile NAND flash.Only one battery is required per server as it can support multiple devices.

This item is compatible with DL360 Gen10, DL360 Gen9, DL380 Gen10, DL380 Gen9, DL385 Gen10, DL560 Gen10, DL560 Gen9, DL580 Gen10, ML30 Gen9, ML110 Gen9, ML150 Gen9, ML350 Gen9, XL170r Gen10, XL190r Gen10, XL450 Gen10

Product Specs

Product Specifications

Part number
Pack Power
7.2 Volts - 10.8 Watt-hour
Shelf Life
Stored at 25 degree Celsius, shelf life is 15 months (26-30% State of Charge)
Stored at 45 degree Celsius, shelf life is 6 months (26-30% SOC)
Compatible servers
DL360 Gen10
DL360 Gen9
DL380 Gen10
DL380 Gen9
DL385 Gen10
DL560 Gen10
DL560 Gen9
DL580 Gen10
ML30 Gen9
ML110 Gen9
ML150 Gen9
ML350 Gen9
XL170r Gen10
XL190r Gen10
XL450 Gen10
Supports HPE Smart Array P-class controllers and HPE NVDIMMs
Supports up to 24 devices

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