Tripp Lite WorkWise Sit Stand Desktop Workstation Adjustable Standing Desk w/ Clamp

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Tripp Lite's WWSSDC WorkWise™ Sit-Stand Desk-Clamp Workstation allows you to enjoy the benefits of standing for a portion of the day without modifying your entire work surface. Simply clamp the WWSSDC to the edge of a fixed-height desk or table from 1 to 3 inches thick. With a single touch, you can change the height of your monitor and keyboard to improve ergonomics, promote health and increase productivity.

To adjust the height of the WWSSDC, press the lever to raise or lower the pneumatic spring arm. The monitor platform and keyboard tray move together to provide smooth transitions between sitting and standing. Increase tension for heavier loads or decrease it for lighter items. The workstation remains stable at all heights. Maximum weight capacity is 29 pounds.

The WWSSDC base can be adjusted from front to back along the clamp plate in 2-inch increments to compensate for different desk depths. Minimum desk depth is 18.9 inches. Maximum desk depth is 31.5 inches.

Monitor platform is 23.6 x 15.7 inches and adjusts between 8.5 and 22 inches above the work surface. It's sturdy enough to support a dual-arm display mount. Integrated cable management reduces cable clutter.

Keyboard tray is an oversized 23.6 x 11 inches to accommodate the largest, most popular models. The tray adjusts from desktop level up to 13.5 inches. In certain installations, the tray can be 3 inches below the work surface. The wrist rest is removable. Plugs are included to fill exposed mounting holes.
  • Maximum weight capacity is 29 lb.
  • Keyboard tray holds the largest, most popular models
  • Max. height of keyboard tray is 13.5 in. above work surface
  • Lever for smooth one-touch height adjustment
  • Max. height of monitor platform is 22 in. above work surface